Guide for Cross-swap Testnet on AbstraDEX

Step 1: Set Up Wallets

Install Zetachain on Metamask and BTC Wallet

Important: Install wallets and securely store the seed phrase.

Step 2: Add Assets and Select "BTC Testnet"

E.g. Open your Xdefi Wallet, add assets, and choose "BTC testnet"

Step 3: Faucet for BTC Testnet (tBTC)

Obtain test BTC on the Bitcoin Testnet using third-party faucets:

Step 4: Access Cross-Swap Testnet

  • Visit Cross-swap page

  • Select fair tokens and Swap between BTC Testnet (tBTC) and EVM.

Step 5: Confirm the transaction

  • on your BTC Wallet: if swap BTC to Zetachain

  • on Metamask: if swap Zetachain to BTC

Step 6: Review your transaction on Transaction History


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