The simplest way to earn on AbstraDEX

Staking on AbstraDEX offers a streamlined avenue to generate passive income, allowing you to earn ABS tokens or other select tokens effortlessly.

Unlike the more intricate process of Yield Farming, AbstraDEX's Staking feature simplifies the earning process, requiring the staking of just one token, typically ABS, to initiate income accrual.

Getting started with Staking

  1. Go to Staking page

  2. Connect to your wallet. Choose your wallet and connect.

pageHow to Connect Wallet
  1. Choose a Staking pool that suits your assets and desired profits.

  1. Once you choose a pool, click the Enable button. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.

  1. The window will change display. Click the Stake button to bring up the staking menu.

  1. Enter an amount or slider bar to choose amount of token you want to stake.

  1. Click Confirm. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.

  2. Check and follow the information about the pool you have staked such as Number of tokens staked, Number of your rewards, APY, and countdown expiration date.

Adding and Removing Tokens from a Pool

You can easily add more Tokens to a Staking Pool, or move some Tokens to a more profitable pool.

  • Click the "-" to take some Tokens out of a pool, or the "+" to add more Tokens to the pool.

  • A window will open.

If you clicked the "+", choose the amount you would like to add to the pool.

If you clicked the "-", choose the amount to take out of the pool.

  • Click Confirm when you have entered enough and correct amount.

  • After a little wait, you'll be able to see your new amount of staked tokens.

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