Flexible Staking

How to use the Flexible Staking option

  1. Go to Staking page

  2. Connect to your wallet. Choose your wallet and connect.

  3. Choose the "Stake ABS Stake, Earn – And more!" Pool and click the Enable button.

    Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.

  4. The new window will appear with Flexible and Locked. Click the button to bring up the staking menu.

  1. If you choose Flexible, press the button and the Stake in Pool window will appear, enter the amount of ABS you wish to stake, click Confirm, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  1. Check and track information in the pool you have staked such as Number of ABS Staked, Recent ABS profit

Note: Unstaking fee: 0.1% (Only applies within 3 days of staking. Unstaking after 3 days will not include a fee. Timer resets every time you stake new ABS in the pool)

You will also easily convert to Fixed-Term Staking by clicking on Convert to Lock.

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